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Metal Signs & PlaquesMetal Signs & Plaques

Metal plaques and other types of signs are a more formal, regal type of display, perfect for commemorating achievements or occasions. In Sight Sign Company has specialists in engraving and plaque design that work to provide all of our customers with beautifully polished and etched plaques that will stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality makes us your source in Chicago for metal signs and plaques.

Some of the most common uses for metal signs and plaques include:

  • Awards and sidewalk commemorations
  • Headstones and grave markers
  • Cornerstone signs for businesses
  • Indoor business signs

Metal plaques are a high end option for a permanent sign. If you want to ensure that your sign lasts for decades ,a metal plaque is your best bet. It is also a high-class option to show your appreciation for a long-time employee or award-winner.

Your options with our metal signs and plaques are endless. If you have any questions about potential designs or uses for these products, please feel free to Contact Us today at In Sight Sign Company. We are happy to help you.